Dave Atkinson AFIAP

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Dave Atkinson first became interested in photography when he visited his grandparents and was given a couple of broken bellows cameras to play with. He never actually took pictures with them but enjoyed playing with them and the seed was sewn.

The first camera he used was a “Halina Paulette”, which his parents gave him for a birthday present. It had a fixed lens and used 35mm film so he had to get use to selecting apertures and shutter speed etc., as well as having to manually  focus. His subjects were mainly portraits of family and friends with occasional forays into athletics and other sports as well as captive animals in zoos and safari parks. The latter giving him an early interest in a genre which he later went back too. The Halina Paulette lasted until he purchased an Olympus OM10, in the 1980s, which he continued to use for the genres already mentioned, in addition to recording his children as they grew up.

However, it was in 2005 when Dave and his wife planned a safari that he decided to invest in a Canon EOS20D to take to Kenya, where he had his first taste of photographing African wildlife. This was the catalyst leading him to develop his passion for travel as well as nature and wildlife photography.

Dave has been a member of Oxford Photographic Society for about ten years years and during that time has achieved recognition within the Society and outside, picking up awards and prizes, both at club level and in UK and international salons. In 2021 Dave achieved AFIAP status.

Dave’s outlook on his work is best summed up as he says he strives to try and capture something a bit different, he looks for either impact or pictorial quality in his images and I think you will see how that plays out in their personal style. Enjoy the photography of Dave Atkinson.